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Who's Who

Mr Sameer Modha - Co-opted Governor.

Chair of Governing Body

Term of Office - 25/09/2017 - 24/09/2021

Mr Modha has one child at the school and is a Co-opted Governor. When he's not with them, he does multinational research for a media agency, and in the past has worked for a variety of ad agencies and marketing firms. Mr Modha uses these skills in his work for the governing body, which currently covers IT, and the Leadership and Teaching Committee. Mr Modha has a favourite visit to the school a few years back (though not in governor capacity) when he used the remains of his science degree to try to explain to a group of Year 1 pupils why we have seasons, using blu-tack, a torch, a baseball and a small doll.

Mr Andrew Liles - Parent Governor

Vice Chair of Governing Body

Term of Office 19/10/16 - 18/10/20

Mr Liles is the Vice Chair of the Governing Body. Whilst this role means he needs to ensure the school is keeping a keen eye on what the government expects of pupils' attainment and progress, he is passionate about ensuring that every pupil gets a rich and varied life experience at Oaklands so they are independent learners for the following stages of education. Beyond school, Mr Liles is an IT Director for web agency and likes to sing, not necessarily in the office. Mr Liles has had two children at our school who now have moved on to Elthorne High School.

Mr Chris Pratt - Parent Governor.

Term of Office 30/04/15 - 29/04/19

Mr Pratt has been a Parent Governor since April 2015. Mr Pratt is the Chair of Governors. Mr Pratt is a stay-at-home Dad who volunteers his time and effort in an attempt to improve the school’s standards to an outstanding level. Sophia, his oldest daughter is in Year 2 and his two year-old daughter Merryn is often seen running away from him in the playground. Mr Pratt has taken a sabbatical from managing oil and gas projects for the previous 25 years as a Chemical Engineer. When not entertaining his kids, washing, cleaning or cooking he listens to ancient rock music in his kitchen to the annoyance of his wife.

Mr Simon Armstrong - Parent Governor

Term of Office 11/12/2017 - 10/12/2021

Mr Armstrong has two sons who attend Oaklands Primary. One is coming to the end of his Oaklands journey and the other has just started. Having watched his eldest son flourish at Oaklands, Mr Armstrong would now like to use his governor role to give something back to the school and the community.


Ms Colette Boyd Joseph - Staff Governor

Term of Office 25/09/2017 - 24/09/2021

Ms Gayle Cope - Parent Governor

Term of Office 19/10/16 - 18/10/20

Gayle has 3 children at Oaklands and enjoys their many stories of fun had during their school day. 

She has worked in TV Production all her adult life and admits that childcare is far and away more difficult than anything she’s ever tackled at work. 

Gayle is around most days in the playground and is more than happy to be approached for a chat in her role as Parent Governor - just go and tap her on the shoulder! 


Miss Ruth Harper - Co-opted Governor

Term of Office 25/09/2017 - 24/09/2021

Miss Harper has lived in Hanwell for eight years and is keen to be involved in the local community. Miss Harper is a department manager at University College London and has range of Higher Education management experience including HR, Finance, Estates and Teaching Management. She sits on the Finance and Resources Committee. Miss Harper has a daughter of pre-school age who keeps her busy in her remaining 'free' time!


Ms Tessa Hodgson - Headteacher.

Ms Hodgson joined Oaklands as head teacher in September 2014, and enjoyed it so much she applied for the permanent job! Ms Hodgson has had a varied teaching career across London for the last 25 years. Her experience includes previous headships in Hammersmith and Fulham and in Ealing and she has also worked as a Consultant Head Teacher, a School Improvement Partner and a Local Authority Advisor on the inclusion of vulnerable pupils. Ms Hodgson is passionate about ensuring that all pupils love school and get the best education they can. Ms Hodgson wants every child to leave Oaklands with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life combined with a passion and excitement for learning and the confidence to seek out new opportunities and rise to every challenge.


Mrs Anna Maruszak - Co-opted Governor

Term of office 04/05/17 - 03/05/21

Mrs Maruszak is a parent and resident of Hanwell.  She is also the Headteacher of the Polish Academy, a supplementary school held in Oaklands every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  She is passionate about education and ensuring that every child reaches their full potential.  The Polish Academy is run as a not-for-profit organisation which is funded by the parents of the attending pupils.

Ms Maggie O'Neill - Co-opted Governor

Term of office 22/02/17 - 21/02/2021

Ms O'Neill joined the governing body in Spring 2017 as a Citizen governor and hopes to bring some of the skills and experience from 12 years in Further and Higher Education as well as 20 years in banking to the governing body.  Ms O'Neill's teaching covered a range of subjects  including management, project management, finance and economics.  She also worked as a manager for 20 years at the International Division of Barclays Bank Plc.

Ms O'Neill has lived in Ealing for 37 years and has two grown-up daughters.


Mr Joe Prendiville - Co-opted Governor.

Term of office 26/10/15 - 25/10/19

Mr Prendiville is the Governor for Safeguarding and SEN, and sits on the Curriculum and Inclusion Committee. Mr Prendiville is Chief Operating Officer of West London Zone - an education and social sector charity in North Kensington/White City. Mr Prendiville has a son and daughter in Oaklands school, and is keen to work hard to help children make excellent progress from all backgrounds and starting points.

Miss Sabia Rafique - Staff Co-opted Governor

Term of Office - 26/09/17 - 24/09/21

Miss Rafique started Oaklands in 2015 as a PGCE student and loved it so much she decided to stay on to complete her NQT year. She is now fully qualified and is in her second year of teaching in Year 2. She is part of the ICT Curriculum team at Oaklands as well  as the wellbeing team. Miss Rafique is passionate about ensuring every single child loves learning and cannot wait to see how Oaklands progresses on to its next exciting chapter.


Ms Wendy Henderson - Clerk to GB

Ms Henderson has been the Clerk to the Governors at Oaklands since March 2016. She lives locally and works as the Headteacher’s PA and Office Manager at Elthorne Park High School where she is also the Clerk to the Governors.

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