Oaklands Primary School

Playground Development

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The Acorn Group is a group of people from our local community who have being caring for the school grounds for over fifteen years and we are indebted to them for the love and attention they give to our school.  The Group has a diverse mix of ages and cultures including pupils and their families along side local neighbours and past pupils.  They have full access to the school when they are working, including use of the disabled facilities.  All adult helpers hold an enhanced safeguarding check.  A member of staff is always on hand to assist the group and ensure the site is kept safe and secure for all users.

We are fundraising for our Grow Your Own project, which aims to educate our pupils about healthy eating whilst bringing the whole community together.  Gardening is a life skill and we aim to give our pupils an understanding of how their food is grown, helping them to take better care of the world they are growing up in. Development of the edible garden will enable over 80 of our pupils who come from local housing estates within our catchment area and have no direct access to gardens, benefit from this new garden and develop their sense of wellbeing through lunchtime Gardening Clubs.  Sharing life skills is important to us and we welcome in our neighbours and friends to share their gardening knowledge with the children. 

This project will help develop the front of the school, an area of our school site that has been under-utilised in the past.  Planting will include decorative edible plants to encourage native wildlife and fruit and vegetables which the children can cook and eat in our Breakfast and After School Clubs.  Herbs and salads will be grown to be served along side our school dinners.

We are proud of our school’s long history in the neighbourhood which was built in 1906.  We intend to plant heirloom varieties of plants which will not only encourage plant diversity but will also enhance our pupil’s experience of living history.  Our pupils study the Victorians in Year 5 and World War II in Year 4.

Oaklands Primary is an Eco School and we were awarded the Silver Eco School Award for our environmental work.  Our pupils understand the need for recycling and we plan to use recycled materials as planters where possible.

Please visit our photo gallery for a photo diary of the developing garden.