Oaklands Primary School

The Music Album Project

In December 2012, we had tragic news regarding the loss of one of our children,Shanade Sharma.

As part of a memorial for her (along with many clay hamsters, linked to Shanade's favourite pet Squinky, all around school!) the whole school community worked with Shanade's family and  Michele Stodart (lead singer from The Magic Numbers) to make a music album, including a special track, dedicated to Shanade and written by her friends. 
The CD album is available to purchase in school and on iTunes.

Visit the special website link http://www.theoaklandssessions.com/ to see the video of how we made the album, but also find out more about our friend Shanade and how as a community, we will never forget her.

So Shanade's legacy is now we have our own record label - The Oaklands Sessions.

We are starting to think about Volume 2.  If you have ideas for songs, let us know!